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Building on the success of our joint collaboration with the IWGSC to enable whole exome wheat sequencing and analysis, Daicel Arbor Biosciences and Curio Genomics have entered a strategic partnership to develop and deliver a family of integrated sequencing and analysis solutions for breakthrough genomic science.

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Adaptive Discovery

From Sample to Insight

From library preparation through bioinformatics, the Arbor-Curio partnership can support your genomics research workflow no matter the scale or starting point. Start with a sample, start with data, and everything in between, there is a service offering that can take your research from sample to insight.

Start with your NGS libraries and add our hybridization capture kits to transform the efficiency of your research workflow. myBaits® kits for wheat/barley targets now include 30 days access to myCurio™ Reports.

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Start with tissue, DNA, or RNA samples and let us handle the entire NGS workflow, from extraction through analysis. All myReads® wheat/barley projects now include 30 days access to myCurio Reports.

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Start with an existing DNA-Seq or RNA-Seq dataset that can be added directly into Curio Genomics platform and easily combined with data generated via myBaits or myReads.

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Empowering Impact

With Faster Breakthroughs and Visual Results 

Ask More Questions

Curio empowers researchers to quickly ask more questions of their data by enabling all users to achieve advanced bioinformatics workflows with its powerful, intuitive interface.

Gain Better Insights

Through its ease of use and ability to ask complex and compound questions of the data, Curio makes it possible for researchers to gain better insights, both expected and unexpected.

Make Faster Breakthroughs

Together, Arbor and Curio provide integrated end-to-end NGS solutions, eliminating bottlenecks that slow the discovery process. Learn more about the Curio Genomics platform.

Through the Arbor-Curio partnership, our members, as well as the scientific community, will benefit from having access to a unified analysis platform.

Working with a specialized genome?

We offer a full range of NGS laboratory services and flexible analysis workflows on the extensible myCurio platform. Our specialty catalog and custom offerings support a broad range of crop plant research genomics needs, in particular large, complex genomes such as wheat.

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Daicel Arbor Biosciences offers a specialized portfolio of high-quality products for the genomics and protein expression markets. With our proprietary technologies, we manufacture custom oligos and reagents for targeted next-generation sequencing (NGS) and cytogenomics in any genome or species, and cell-free protein expression reagents for protein engineering and screening. This unique product portfolio is enhanced with a wide range of custom services, including bespoke targeted probe design and comprehensive NGS laboratory and bioinformatics analysis services. For more information about Daicel Arbor Biosciences unique products and services, visit www.arborbiosci.com.

Curio Genomics

Curio Genomics leverages its decades of big data commercial software development experience to provide the robust, rapidly extensible bioinformatics platform called Curio™. The guiding principle of Curio Genomics is that software should facilitate genomic research, not consume it. Through fully integrated partnerships with Next-Gen Sequencing leaders, Curio provides powerful, first-in-class product solutions that empower researchers from sample-to-insight. For more information about Curio Genomics unique bioinformatics software platform, visit www.curiogenomics.com.