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The guiding principle of Curio Genomics is that software should facilitate genomic research, not consume it. With the myCurio™ genomics platform, bioinformatic science questions are answered in minutes, not days to address and accelerate next-generation research, development, and commercialization opportunities.

Full Lifecycle NGS Crop Solutions

Powerful Bioinformatics

myCurio is a cloud-based platform. We store all of the analysis results in a unique "big data" indexed format that allows you to ask complex questions of the genome, across hundreds of samples, and get answers back in minutes or seconds.

Dynamic Visual Data

myCurio brings analytical processing and data visualization tools together into a common toolset allowing biologists and data scientists to refine their analysis individually or together, in real-time, to their desired specificity and sensitivity.

Intuitive Design

myCurio was designed explicitly as a biologist-friendly platform to drive novel research insights faster. In addition, expert bioinformaticians and data scientists will find powerful configuration capabilities to rapidly optimize analyses in minutes rather than hours or days.

Faster Discovery and Impact

enabled by powerful real-time bioinformatics and visualizations

myCurio's powerful bioinformatics engine supports dynamic, real-time analysis and visualization of sample data. Answers to complex and compound questions are provided in seconds. Scientists are empowered to ask more questions which leads to faster discovery.

Coverage Summary

Read Alignment

Variant Analysis

Cohort Analysis

Solve Hard Problems

with myCurio's integrated platform features

Typical Bioinformatics myCurio Bioinformatics
A series of individual, one-off programs and scripts A single, fully-integrated modern big data platform
Time-consuming, tedious, and pipeline-based serial activities Real-time discovery through intuitive analysis-based UI and parallel processing and instantaneous parameter re-filtering
Bioinformatician dependent workflow Biologist-friendly, independent discovery
Requires additional software to visualize results Instantaneous visualization of genomic data for rapid insights
Bioinformaticians spend excessive time on simple configurations Bioinformaticians invest time on complex, value-additive analysis

myCurio™ Reports

Download and dynamically visualize your sample data and primary analyses in your web browser.


Biologist-friendly, simple, fast, real-time dataset and cohort analyses to generate “insights”, collaborate with others, and publish results.


Powerful options for bioinformatics-savvy users that make complex analyses simple to execute.

  myCurio™ Reports myCurio™ Insights myCurio™ PowerTools
Interactive "real time" data browsers and visualizations
Sample read alignment, variant calling, and coverage analysis
Organized and linked projects, samples, and analyses
FASTQ, BAM and VCF data exports
Extended storage options (12+ months)
Multi-sample and cohort-based analysis
Annotate projects, samples, and individual analysis insights
Collaborate and share across multiple researchers
Efficiently run custom-configured jobs on your own
Extended bioinformatics tool and analysis options
Additional analysis types (expression, quality, etc.)

Working with a specialized genome?

The myCurio platform can rapidly accommodate any plant or animal species for projects of any size. Reach out today to learn more about putting the power of myCurio to use for your next genomics project.

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