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Characterizing agricultural crop genomes in species such as wheat enables significant improvements in productivity and disease resistance.

However, there can be significant challenges to resolving key genomic features for many individual samples, both at the experimental and data analysis levels. This is particularly true for species with large, complex genomes such as wheat, barley, and relatives.

Our integrated partnership products allow you to streamline the entire NGS workflow, overcoming the challenges of read mapping and read alignment visualization in these large, complex genomes.

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Fully Integrated Solutions for Wheat, Barley, and Relatives

In 2019, Daicel Arbor Biosciences and Curio Genomics released our industry leading myBaits® wheat whole-exome targeted sequencing kit with a complete bioinformatics solution for this economically important species with a large, complex genome. Through the wheat exome kit and/or custom kits, along with full myCurio™ support for customized reference genomes, we can now support advanced NGS workflows for a range of crop species.

With myBaits® customized and predesigned targeted hybridization capture kits, we provide powerful, scalable solutions for trait/ marker discovery as well as genotyping/ resequencing. myBaits kits for wheat/barley targets now include 30 days access to myCurio Reports.

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With myReads® NGS services, we have optimized workflows for handling the massive, repetitive polyploid genomes found in many of the most important food crops, for whole genome, targeted genome, or whole transcriptome sequencing projects. All myReads wheat/barley projects now include 30 days access to myCurio Reports.

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And with myCurio informatics and analysis portfolio, we offer easy-to-use rapid, flexible genome-scale solutions no matter your project scale.

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